About Lödige Industries

Lödige Industries supplies materials handling solutions for a broad range of industries and specializes in providing complex material flow systems for logistics tasks. Lödige is the world market leader in air cargo handling terminals. As a specialist for logistics systems and lifts, Lödige Industries has been helping companies from a whole range of industries since 1948. Our solutions and services are very broad and range over different application areas. The key to our success is our expertise in mechanical engineering, system integration and service, which is integrated into everything we do.

Airport Logistics

AIRPORT LOGISTICS: Systems for reliable cargo and baggage handling Optimizing airport logistics with the market leader - Our products and systems…

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Automotive Solutions

Press shop: Precision handling for heavy loads From end-of-line, through rack handling, to automated storage: Lödige has complete control of…

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Car Park Solution

MAGUS® : PARK-AND-HIDE PRINCIPLE Our MAGUS® car scissor lift offers a simple solution for parking one or two cars in a very…

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Elevator Solution

SHERPA® GOODS ONLY LIFT The SHERPA® goods only lift is our real all-rounder. It is an efficient and simple to plan solution for the vertical…

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Ramp Solution

Small Class Flexible Lifting Tables The scissor lifting tables in the Small Class are offered with a lifting height of 900 mm and in…

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Special Machines

Bespoke technology for specialized processes Looking for a solution that plant and machine manufacturers do not provide ready-made? Then the special machine construction…

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