About Us

GREAT ASIA CORPORATION LIMITED (GAC) is an integrated intralogistics technology company which its corporate partners are those global suppliers in their specialized fields such as

  • VANDERLANDE (parcel sortation system for e-commerce and courier express delivery)
  • VITRONIC (identification technology e.g. barcode, QR code, RFID, OCR software
  • LODIGE (catering & cargo handling system for airlines, automatic car parking system)
  • LACHENMEIER (pallet load-securing technology with stretch hood film wrapping)
  • AAT Freezing (shock freezer / carton freezer for fresh meat industry)

GAC can provide the full support to our customers with our in-house specialists. With the above-mentioned proven technology, we have many showcases which our new customers can realize the productivity improvement and the elevation of warehouse’s operational performance