Intelligent Warehouse Seminar 2018 Warehouse Development 4.0

Mr. Somchai Hanhiran, Deputy Minister of Industry Presided over the opening ceremony and lectured on the topic "Create Thailand as an ASEAN Logistics Hub" at the INTELLIGENT WAREHOUSE SEMINAR 2018 HOW Intelligent Warehouse Support EEC. Was held in the EEC area to show the potential of entrepreneurs in the area And create knowledge and understanding about the warehouse system and the robot automation system that will be applied in the industry to meet the needs of customers It is also a channel for buyers, sellers to meet, negotiate business and create an affiliate network.

With Mr. Phusit Sasitaranon, President, Expo Link Global Network Company Limited and Mrs. Nichapa Yoswee, Director of MICE Industry Development Division Meeting and Exhibition Promotion Office (Public Organization) or TCEP welcomes the development of the Hall Hall Pattana Golf Club and Resort, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province.

Deputy Minister of Industry revealed that throughout the year 60, the logistics business in Thailand grew at 7.0 percent and is likely to continue to grow every year and in the year 61 there are 3 factors supporting the logistics business. Continued growth is 1. Expansion economy 2. Government disbursement Budget disbursement which the government accelerated the project approval in the second half of the year 60 and 3. export growth

The overall cost of logistics has more than 50% of the cost of inventory or warehousing and management. Into the warehouse industry Will reduce the cost of management services in this section Make more profit and connect to the needs of consumers. Is a guide to the era of Thailand 4.0

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